Barbara Kollerits

Research interests

  • Statistical and epidemiological methods in the field of (Genetic) Epidemiology and medical sciences such as survival analysis, different regression analyses, methods of model discrimination such as c-statistics and net reclassification improvement
  • Main research focus lies in evaluation of (genetic and non-genetic) biomarkers in the field of and for diseases such as: lipoprotein metabolism, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease and atherosclerosis


Curriculum Vitae


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  • For PhD students
    • Basic Statistics and Epidemiology for Non‐Clinical PhD (lecture + practical part/application in SPSS)
  • For Students of Human Medicine
    • Basic Statistics for Diploma Students (lecture + practical part/application in SPSS)
  • For Bachelor Students in Molecular Medicine
    • Statistics and Epidemiology (lecture + practical part/application in R)
  • For Students in the University course “Genetic Counselling”
    • Basic Statistics and Epidemiology (lecture + practical part in SPSS)
  • For Master Students in the Master’s program Pharmaceutical Sciences – Drug Development and Regulatory Affair
    • Biostatistics & Data management: practical part/application in R

Possibilities for Bachelor, Master and Diploma Thesis: topics in the above described fields, mainly in chronic kidney disease and based on statistical and epidemiological data analyses, literature search and with the final aim of a publication