Claudia Lamina

Research interests

  • Statistical methods in Genetic Epidemiology, primarily Genome-wide association studies and Mendelian randomization
  • The genetic part of our research primarily focuses on the genetics of lipoprotein(a), lipids and other atherosclerosis-related traits (as obesity and diabetes).
  • Other advanced statistical methods in medical research (e.g. nonlinear modelling, survival analysis, causal inference)
  • We also study (non-genetic) biomarkers and their association with atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.



  • For PhD students (in the general and “Genetics, Epigenetics, Genomics” PhD program)
    • Basic Statistics and Epidemiology for Non‐Clinical PhD (lecture + practical part in SPSS)
    • Statistics for Non‐Clinical PhD “Advanced” PhD (lecture + practical part in R)
    • Statistics first aid (statistical consultation seminar)
    • Ring-Lecture “Genetics & Genomics 1”: Principles of Genome-wide association studies
  • For Students of Human Medicine
    • Basic Statistics for Diploma Students (lecture + practical part in SPSS)
    • Medical Science (seminar)
  • For Bachelor Students in Molecular Medicine
    • Mathematics (lecture)
    • Statistics (lecture + practical part in R/Rcmdr)
    • Labside Teaching
  • For Master Students in Molecular Medicine
    • Statistics in Genetics (seminar)
    • Laboratory course “Genetics” for Master Students (practical statistical analysis part)