PhD - Medical science (SS 2022)
Basic Statistics and Epidemiology for Non-Clinical PhD (AF)




Students will learn about data types, data management, statistical terms and definitions and principles of statistical testing, point and confidence estimates, basic tests as well as epidemiological indices, study designs and risk estimation. This lecture includes demonstration in SPSS plus exercises.


This lecture will take place online, meaning there will be links available in time to download the lecture as a video (there will be three videos). There will also be the possibility to send e-mails at any time with all questions after watching the videos. In parallel, pdf slides of all parts of the lecture including SPSS screenshots will be available as well as all datasets so that students can do all things discussed in the videos on their own. The videos will be send out by mid of march (around the 15th of march). Depending on the current COVID situation, there will either be a Webex seminar shortly after the release of the videos where questions can be asked and discussed and further Webex seminars will follow if needed. Or we will meet personally and students can directly work on the exercises/try the tasks in a PC room and can ask their questions. The PC room is booked at four dates (depending on available seats and current COVID rules):