Institute of Genetic Epidemiology

We aim to identify determinants of health and disease related to genetic variability, environmental components and biochemical parameters and study their physiological or pathophysiological functions.

Our phenotypes of interest are complex in nature because of an interplay of these factors and are related to atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, cancer, infertility, neurodegeneration and associated intermediate phenotypes such as lipoprotein metabolism and inflammation.

Genepi Group

Our Institute serves as a bridge between basic and clinical research. We work with genetic-epidemiological methods with association studies of candidate genes as well as hypothesis-free genome-wide association studies and also clinical-epidemiological methods. For functional studies, we use a variety of cell culture and animal models implementing state-of-the-art methods of protein chemistry and molecular biology. Finally, we develop bioinformatic solutions for problems related to medical genetic research and diagnosis.

Latest News

1 November 2023
Michigan Imputation Server Workshop at American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Conference
3 October 2023
Johanna Schachtl-Rieß receives the 3rd prize of the Wilhelm-Auerswald-Preis 2023
28 March 2023
Michigan Imputation Server reaches new milestone
8 February 2023
Open Lab Days 2023
12 November 2022
Michigan Imputation Server Workshop

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