Gerd Utermann

Professor emeritus


Gerd Utermann is Professor emeritus for Human Genetics. At his core, he is a genetic epidemiologist, and therefore our Institute is very proud that he has found his home with us as Professor emeritus. He was the lead person responsible for the pioneering discoveries and characterizations of the apolipoprotein E polymorphism and the apo(a) size polymorphism. The genetic architecture of both apolipoproteins belongs to the most intensively investigated genetic variants in the medical literature. The detection of apolipoprotein E polymorphism and its impact on plasma lipoprotein concentrations and relation to hyperlipoproteinemia type III was only the start and was followed by many investigations of various clinical endpoints by many research groups throughout the world. With the discovery of the apo(a) size polymorphism he has laid the foundation for the first Mendelian randomization studies and for our understanding that Lp(a) is a causal risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Gerd Utermann is member of the Austrian Academy of Science and the German Academy „Leopoldina“.

Key publications