Many students made their PhD, MD, master or diploma thesis during the last two decades. They have been or are still part of our team and we very much appreciate their contributions.

When considering writing a thesis at our institute, please have a look at the available theses. You can also suggest a topic that fits in our research fields.

Ongoing Theses

PhD Thesis
The role of PCSK9 in cardiovascular and chronic kidney diseases
Azin Kheirkhah
Time: 2018/02
Supervisor(s): Main publications
PhD Thesis
Genetic causes and effects of the Lp(a) concentration
Silvia di Maio
Time: 2020/03
Supervisor(s): Main publications
PhD Thesis
Epidemiological and genetic evidence for an influence of lipoprotein metabolism on infections and inflammation
Adriana Koller
Time: 2021/11
MD Diploma Thesis
Apolipoprotein A-IV and cancer outcomes in a large cohort of patients with chronic kidney disease
Simon Gruber
Time: 2021/12
Master Thesis
Haplotyping in the LPA KIV-2 copy number variation utilizing unique molecular identifiers and nanopore sequencing
Stephan Amstler
Time: 2022/07